This free webinar will help nonprofit and social enterprise leaders to identify short and long term cash flow needs, calculate their organization’s burn rate, plan for best/middle/worst case financial scenarios, and identify key decision points. This information will support organizations to communicate effectively with funders and other stakeholders about their financial needs now and moving forward. We will provide scenario planning templates and resources to help organizations navigate through these uncertain times.

Access the presentation slides and excel template.

Presented by Lee Herrin, Scale Collaborative

Lee has worked in management and leadership roles in both public sector and non-profit environments over the past 17 years. Lee also has more than 20 years of experience serving on Boards of Directors including 15+ years chairing non-profits. Lee has operated non profits with an eye and

strategies to build resilient organizations. In any setting, Lee is always focused on identifying opportunities for growth and greater impact.He is one of the architects of the Thriving Non Profits program and has coached 50+ organizations through various stages of crisis, challenge and opportunity. Lee is a spreadsheet and financial wizard.