As organizations shift into the recovery phase, there is an opportunity, and a need, to undertake organizational renovations. Perhaps a program no longer fits, or there is a need to add a new program. Perhaps there is an asset that is now surplus, or there is an opportunity to acquire a new asset. There may even be an opportunity to merge organizations to increase community while finding operational efficiencies. All of these changes have financial implications that need to be explored.

The Organizational Renovation on the Road to Recovery webinar provides a some lessons from experience, and offers easy to use tools to quickly model the financial impacts of these changes.

This webinar is co-facilitated by Lee Herrin, an Innoweave coach with Scale Collaborative, and Wayne Miranda, Investment Readiness Program Lead at Innoweave.

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More about Lee Herrin

Lee Herrin has been engaged in the non-profit sector for 25 years, as both a Board member and as an Executive Director. He has acquired programs, transferred programs, closed programs, and started new programs. He has started social enterprises, sold social enterprises and purchased businesses for social purpose conversion. He has even attempted a number of organizational mergers, but without success (to date!).


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