Thriving Non Profits is for organizations
(non profits, charities and co-ops):

  • interested in improving their organization’s impact and financial strategies to get there.
  • wanting to connect with leaders in other organizations for learning and support.
  • shifting from scarcity to abundance and from short term projects to long term outcomes.

Organizational teams of 3 (Board member, Executive Director and staff) participate in in-person and online workshops and organization-specific coaching throughout the program.

Sessions include:

  • Culture of Money and Limiting Beliefs
  • Building a Strong Balance Sheet
  • Earning Income- Enterprising and Fee for Service Strategies
  • Generating Income- Exploring and Growing Social Enterprise
  • Acquiring and Leveraging Assets
  • Win Win Partnerships
  • Multi Year Contracts and Procurement
  • Readiness and Access to New Sources of Funds

Participants leave with a financial diversification strategy and key next steps, linked to each organization’s mission, impact and scaling goals.

In 2020, TNP is shifting to an online and in-person blended model, and is being piloted in 4 communities. To learn more about participating in TNP or bringing the community to your community, contact

Testimonial: Esquimalt Military Resource Centre
Testimonial: Lifecycles Project


This program has been able to develop, pilot and scale thanks to

Victoria Foundation and Coast Capital Savings.