Thriving Non Profits is for organizations
(non profits, charities and co-ops):

  • interested in improving their organization’s impact and financial strategies to get there.
  • wanting to connect with leaders in other organizations for learning and support.
  • shifting from scarcity to abundance and from short term projects to long term outcomes.

Organizational teams of 3 (Board member, Executive Director and staff) participate in the THRIVE program through in-person and online workshops and organization-specific coaching throughout the program.

Thriving Non Profits was developed and is delivered by Scale Collaborative, in partnership with the Victoria Foundation. With over 50 organizations and counting, the program’s mission is to develop the strength of the impact and civil society sector, shifting financially challenged organizations to financially powerful agents of change.

Sessions include:

  • Culture of Money and Limiting Beliefs
  • Building a Strong Balance Sheet
  • Earning Income- Enterprising and Fee for Service Strategies
  • Generating Income- Exploring and Growing Social Enterprise
  • Acquiring and Leveraging Assets
  • Win Win Partnerships
  • Multi Year Contracts and Procurement
  • Readiness and Access to New Sources of Funds

Participants leave with a financial diversification strategy and key next steps, linked to each organization’s mission, impact and scaling goals.

In 2021, Thriving Non Profits is shifting to an online and in-person blended model, and is being piloted in 4 communities. To learn more about participating in Thriving Non Profits or bringing the community to your community, visit the program website or contact

Testimonial: Esquimalt Military Resource Centre
Testimonial: Lifecycles Project


This program has been able to develop, pilot and scale thanks to

Victoria Foundation and Coast Capital Savings.

The THRIVE Program