We have experience in start-up and managing a number of social enterprises. You will save time, money and stress by accessing the hard-won expertise of our team. Here are some of the enterprises that members of Scale’s team have developed and/or managed:

  • Eastside Coffee Bar Co-Operative
  • Lunch a la Kart
  • The Cleaning Solution
  • RentSmart/ LifeLearners
  • Good Food Box
  • Cornerstone Cafe
  • Studio 1313 Hair Design
  • Little Acorn Care Centre
  • CMHA Thrift Store

If you Google these, not all will turn up. Because some have failed. And we have learned from these failures and done it differently the next time. This is what you get when you partner with Scale: 40+ years (collectively) of figuring out how to operate social enterprises and entrepreneurial non-profit organizations successfully. We have already cried the tears so you won’t have to.