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Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.


Survive & Recover provides support to prepare for times of uncertainty to stabilize your organization during COVID-19.


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Organizations and social enterprises and ventures face many decisions in the ongoing COVID crisis.

Decisions like how to operate today, how to offer goods and services, how to engage with the community. All these decisions affect how you begin to map out your recovery phase.

You may have to scale up to meet increased demand, shift to a new delivery model or services, stay the steady, or ‘hibernate’ during this time. Survive & Recover helps your organization or enterprise navigate the day-to-day realities through these changing times and provides support to begin preparing for a recovery phase.

The program combines group coaching, individualized support, peer support, financial tools, scenario thinking tools, resources and timely webinars.



  • Financial statement review – burn rate, cash flow and short / medium / long term financial implications – support to figure out best, base and worst case scenarios during the COVID-19 fiscal
  • Financial strategies and scenario thinking tools to understand how to best prepare for the unknowns of the future and the implications these unknowns have on your organization
  • Identification of different operational options and strategies whether scaling, experimenting, at steady state or hibernating
  • Development of a Survive & Recover Strategy: development for your organization (what does it look like to survive, what does it look like to thrive?); critical considerations, identification of financial and resource gaps and next steps
  • How-to guidance on preparing for recovery and re-engagement – including the opportunity to case study your organization’s particular challenge or opportunity
  • How-to tools and resources on maintaining healthy teams and effective organizations through the unknown future
  • Peer learning with other organizations facing similar situations
  • Access to an online user group populated with resources and funding opportunities

the details:

  • The program is open to small and medium enterprises, non-profits, charities, social enterprises and co-ops. Support is available regardless of incorporation designation
  • Regions served: Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast
  • Approximately 2 months of immediate support is provided
  • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis
  • Time expectations over the 2 month program:
    • 5 in-depth webinars
    • Approximately 4 hours of homework
    • Individual coaching and review on cash flow and scenario thinking as needed
    • Opportunity to join up to 6 smaller peer to peer zoom meetings where you can present case studies and brainstorm solutions with the collective

Learning webinars:

  • Welcome – what does it look like?
  • Understand cash flow through your COVID-19 fiscal
  • Scenario Thinking – external situations beyond your control – how to prepare for the unknown
  • Financial stabilization through your COVID-19 fiscal
  • Maintaining healthy teams and effective organizations through COVID-19’s second wave 




In partnership

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Thank you to Community Futures, Coastal Community Credit Union, Regional District of Nanaimo, and Oceanside Initiatives for providing bursaries to support small and medium enterprises, including not-for-profits, charities, social enterprises, impact business & co-ops.