Kristi Rivait, Director of Partnerships and Programs at Scale Collaborative joined Jasmine Bala of CHEK News for Road to Recovery with Douglas Magazine Victoria to have a discussion about how social enterprises are critical to mitigating the impacts of climate change.


A social enterprise is distinct from other types of businesses and organizations because its principal goal is to address a cultural, social or environmental need. Kristi Rivait explains in this segment with CHEK News, how social enterprises fit into mitigating climate change, why it is important to do so, and what lessons there are to be learned.

“Impact organizations and social enterprises are at the forefront of solving today’s most pressing issues,” said Kristi Rivait during the conversation. “And we can all see that these issues are becoming more complex. [At Scale Collaborative], we believe that economy can be run by community.” 

Scale Collaborative convened the Social Enterprise Catalyst (seCatalyst), a network of organizations that aim to build a stronger social enterprise sector on Vancouver Island. For seCatalyst, making a difference is the bottom line. Further, seCatalyst was a series of events to learn about, showcase and inspire social enterprise. Between 2014-2019, seCatalyst hosted learning events, conferences, pitch galas, incubation bootcamps, and networking events. Over 4,000 people attended seCatalyst events.

Road to Recovery by CHEK News is done in partnership with Douglas Magazine.