for a changing world
Scale provides consulting, coaching and facilitation to assist organizations and funders transform their organizations, and ultimately, the sector.
Measure Impact

Measuring Impact. Data helps tell an accurate story, can be utilized for improvement and planning, and aims to get at impact, not ‘numbers served.’ We help develop impact measurement strategies that meets the needs of your organization, as well as builds the confidence of your funders, supporters, clients and customers.

Scaling Plans

Scaling Plans are for organizations that have a proven product or service and are ready to share it with others. Scale can help think through governance and business models, risks and strategy.


Dozens of organizations have engaged Scale as Organizational Coaches. Coaching is usually focused on organizational change or business development, and we have worked with Boards, Executive Staff and senior staff. The Scale team are registered Innoweave coaches.

Social Enterprise

Feasibility Studies and Market-Based Strategies help determine if a social enterprise idea will have a market and achieve impact. Scale can help assess your social enterprise for viability through market scans, decision making framework for venture selection, financial analysis and, growth and strategic planning. 

Social Purpose Real Estate

Social Purpose Real Estate is one strategy for building a strong financial future. We will help look at your current space, your future space needs and make recommendation on how to maximize value and impact.

Project Management

We are experts in Project Management and taking an initiative from idea to pilot and beyond. Scale has a track record with multi-sector initiatives with multiple partners.