Financial independence and diversification are key to resilient organizations that are then able scale innovation and increase their impact.


seCatalyst is a network that hosts high impact events to support, showcase and inspire the social enterprise sector on Vancouver Island. Scale has been convening this network since 2014, and has hosted learning events, conferences, pitch galas, incubation bootcamps and networking. 2000+ people have attended an seCatalyst event to date.

Starting in 2014, seCatalyst has been hosting events, days of learning and an annual gala to showcase social enterprises from across Vancouver Island.

theDock Victoria is a social enterprise that fosters collaboration and innovation between segments in our community and beyond. At its heart it is a co-working space with members curated across sectors, that share an interest in social good. We foster informal connection, hosting events and making connections, with the aim of increasing the impact of our members through more efficient connection.

We offer a curated space full of like-minded community-builders, looking to collaborate and share expertise to enable each other’s projects and address community needs. We actively seek out groups and individuals from across sectors, and do our best to avoid collecting a group from any one paradigm. In short – our membership makes us unique, and the interactions they have are the fruit.


What would you do if your organization gained higher interest rates on its day-to-day banking, and removed its monthly banking charges?  Pay some operational expenses? Support a community member? Show staff appreciation? You choose how to use the extra revenue and know, no matter what, it will support community well-being.

Introducing the Social Impact Pooled Account (SIPA) for non profit organizations and charities, in partnership with Coast Capital Savings. SIPA members receive a higher rate of interest on their operational account every month and free regular monthly banking charges.

The bonus is Social Impact Pooled Account (SIPA) members also help the ongoing work of social change for your sector.

Buy Social Vancouver Island


Scale Collaborative has partnered with Buy Social Canada to support the adoption of social procurement on Vancouver Island and rural BC. We do this through coaching, presentations, workshops and connection to tools, practices and procurement experts.

Social procurement integrates community benefits, such as inclusive employment and local food, into institutional purchasing. Social enterprises are well-positioned to bid on such contracts and provide significant benefits back to community.

According to our recent scan of the social procurement opportunity, Vancouver Island has approximately $300M that could integrate social and community benefits.

Our work is diverse, impactful and comprehensive. Lets partner up on your next project and create some innovative change!