Thriving (21 Century) Non Profits (2016- present)

Thriving (21 Century) Non Profits is a partnership with Victoria Foundation to assist non-profit organizations develop revenue diversification strategies and increase impact.

Non profits face a changing funding climate at a time when social and environmental issues are growing more complex- there are just not enough funds available through grants to keep current initiatives going, let alone test and implement new solutions adequately. However, there is enough money and resources in other streams. TNP is a 6-month program to assess the current reality, learn new revenue and enterprising strategies, and create a diversified revenue model. To date, 30 organizations have participated in the program, and received coaching support.

“It is very easy to fall into a silo when you are trying to fund your organization day to day and this cohort experience allows you to break away from that constraint and think more along a long term horizon.“ – Peter Ord, Robert Bateman Foundation

‘I encourage other organizations to consider participating, and really lean into it as you will come out of it with benefits… the program adds value so be fully present with it, participate, do the work. The return on investment is really good— really high… where else do you find a 6 month program where you get the calibre and tools and connection with colleagues? It’s unheard of’ – Jennifer Garrette, Power to Be

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