Social Enterprise Incubation (2016-2019)

One of the pillars in a social enterprise eco-system is building capacity through incubation and support. Scale has been organizing and delivering incubation programs since 2016.

Social Enterprise Incubator, in partnership with Community Social Planning Council, supported 5 employment-based social enterprises to determine their value proposition, customer validation, market research and launch plan. At the end of the 8 month program, enterprises pitched for seed funds to further test and advance their businesses.

Social Venture Bootcamp, February 2018 and 2019, built on lessons learned from SEI to provide an Island-wide incubator bootcamp experience. Participants came together for a 3 day intensive process (interactive and packed with guest speakers!) designed to assist those with social venture ideas to assess and determine their viability. 

“It is very impactful realizing all of the interesting ventures that are in the works! This was helpful in very motivating and a good intro into getting started.” – SVB Participant

“SVB exceed my expectations. Interestingly, I felt personally validated through the material presented, the participants and the activities.” – SVB Participant


SVB 2019 was followed up with Connect Money Impact event.