Whistler Waldorf School is a progressive independent school providing an enriched curriculum in Whistler, BC.

In 2021, Scale Collaborative was approached by Whistler Waldorf School Society to identify strategic priorities for the school to implement through to 2025.


This strategic plan was developed with several goals in mind, including:

  • To encourage the school to develop clarity
  • To make overtures and requests where the school would like to attract support or build relationships with others
  • To direct the school where to invest and how to set priorities
  • To develop capabilities and strengths that will serve the school no matter what the future may hold


Scale set out to identify and set strategic priorities necessary for Whistler Waldorf School to achieve a stable enrollment of approximately 200-220 students from K-12.

Scale Collaborative developed the strategic plan based on:

  • Review of key documents
  • Meetings with the Board of Directors, Board Chair & Head of School
  • Survey of parents
  • Survey of faculty and staff members
  • Interviews with key members of the school community
  • A school-wide visioning session


The school received the strategic plan in June 2021 and has developed an action plan for the various bodies of the school to guide their work in the coming years.

“Thank you so much. This strategic plan seems clear and actionable with considerations into the longer term.”
– Rubeena Sandhu | Head of School | Whistler Waldorf School