Camp Pringle offers camps for children and youth, as well as an attractive and well-maintained rental facility for faith-based and private groups. Camp Pringle was interested in understanding the feasibility of other uses of the site that were consistent with the Camp’s mission, suited to its unique attributes, that could generate positive margins. In particular, the Camp was interested in exploring child care programming uses.


To assess the feasibility of child care programming including child care for preschool age children, after school care programs, and special education programs.


  • Visited Camp Pringle onsite to assess the site itself and the organization’s readiness
  • Provided an assessment of existing childcare operators in the area
  • Provided a budget and overview of how childcare fees and staffing requirements interact to produce a surplus or deficit

This feasibility snapshot included an examination of the market area context, industry context, licensing requirements, employee considerations, existing competitors, upfront capital requirements, and financial considerations.


Camp Pringle was provided with a short and readable document outlining the specific feasibility of the three childcare programing options. Based on the analysis, Camp Pringle developed a licensed out of school care program providing transportation to and from nearby elementary schools.