Updates and perspectives on the social impact sector.

CCSPI Expansion Grows Social Procurement Across British Columbia

June 16, 2021|

Investment in British Columbia Social Procurement Initiative (BCSPI) supports British Columbia small businesses, communities, and local workers through education, consulting, and support. The benefits will be felt as local government purchasing dollars are invested back into communities through the expansion of BCSPI.

When the Well Runs Dry: COVID-Impacted Non-profits and Charities

August 24, 2020|

The non-profit sector runs on fumes, bolstered by the incredible innovation, passion and human power of volunteers and staff. And, historically, when the economy struggles, the sector has stepped up to take care of families, communities and vulnerable people, planet and animals.

We Need to Yell to Have the Concerns of Non-profits Heard at the Federal Level. Better Yet, How About a Minister?

April 16, 2020|

We need a Minister. Not only in response to this year’s crisis and other urgent issues that arise, but also longer term, as an opportunity for Canada to build new ways to drive innovation in the social sector and ensure its vitality.

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