The new self-paced version contains all the same fundamental learning, exercises and strategies from the cohort model distilled into one self-guided online course specifically designed for non-profit leaders and their teams to take individually and at their own pace.

Access the new program here.

We are excited to expand access to the Thriving Non-Profits program through this new self-paced version that contains all of the game-changing strategies and learning from the cohort model in one affordable and accessible online learning experience.

Learners also gain access to the new Thriving Non-Profits Community to continue their learning, build their capacity and grow their networks. Learn more about the new Community feature below!

What’s included in this program?

Eight self-paced online learning Modules covering nine different revenue strategies. Each Module includes video lessons and interactive exercises, integrating the real-world experience of non-profit leaders who understand the complexities and challenges of the charitable sector.

Explore nine entrepreneurial revenue strategies for your organization, from improving your existing revenue streams to unlocking new opportunities for earned revenue that can increase your financial sustainability and deepen your impact.

A new online Community to support a shift to abundance in the non-profit sector

In addition to the new self-paced program, we’ve also added a new online Community space to Thriving Non-Profits to support current learners and program alumni. If you are an alumni of the program, you will be added automatically so please keep an eye out for onboarding emails over the coming weeks containing instructions on how to get set up. New learners in the cohort or self-paced programs will get access to the Community when their cohort begins or on the date of their enrollment.

What people are saying

“Thriving non-profits is a MUST DO. It should be a foundational program for every non-profit, particularly as the sector faces increased challenges with respect to funding and sustainability. It’s a game changer.” – Alec Wheeler, Manager, Alberta Farm Animal Care

“Every organization should try this. We started with an annual revenue of $150,000 and, by using the revenue diversification plan from Thriving Non-Profits, we were able to increase this to $500,000 in just 6 months!”Kyle Empringham, Executive Director, The Starfish Canada

“Thriving Non-Profits was the best investment we have made perhaps ever. It helped us see where we were at, hone our ideas, and develop a way forward. We feel stronger and better-equipped because of this training.”Delanie Dyck, Executive Director, Yoga Outreach

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