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Scale convenes and supports initiatives to generate a stronger, more resilient and entrepreneurial social change sector, on Vancouver Island and elsewhere.
Coastal Communities Social Procurement Initiative

CCSPI is a 2-year initiative to assist local governments and First Nations in the Vancouver Island, Sunshine Coast and
coastal communities to implement social procurement assessments, policies, strategies and measurement.

Scale Collaborative and partners (VICA, Buy Social Canada and Presentations Plus) are working together to build capacity and support the implementation of social procurement across the region.

Thriving Non Profits

Thriving 21 Century Non Profits is a cohort program for non-profit boards, executives and senior staff to better understand their current financial reality and identify ‘what’s possible’. Using Scale’s model for financial diversification, organizations learn about and integrate new financial strategies and match need-to-vision-to-money. The result is more financially resilient and impactful organizations.

Thriving 21 Century Non Profits combines homework, group sessions and coaching over six months to help organizations transform their finances and diversify revenue streams.

Intake for Thriving 21 Century Non Profits takes place each Fall and is available to eight organizations in the Greater Victoria region. Three organizational members commit to attending sessions and coaching: Board member, Executive Director and senior staff. The time commitment is approximately 10-15 hours/month in addition to sessions. This program is delivered in partnership with Victoria Foundation.

2020 Thriving Non Profits applications are being accepted now. Learn more, register for the upcoming information session and apply through the TNP page.

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Buy Social Vancouver Island

Scale Collaborative has partnered with Buy Social Canada to support the adoption of social procurement on Vancouver Island and rural BC. We do this through coaching, presentations, workshops and connection to tools, practices and procurement experts.

Social procurement integrates community benefits, such as inclusive employment and local food, into institutional purchasing. Social enterprises are well-positioned to bid on such contracts and provide significant benefits back to community.

According to our recent scan of the social procurement opportunity, Vancouver Island has approximately $300 M that could integrate social and community benefits.

Social Procurement on Vancouver Island Webinar: Vancouver Island Social Enterprise Certification

seCatalyst is a network that hosts high impact events to support, showcase and inspire the social enterprise sector on Vancouver Island. Scale has been convening this network since 2014, and has hosted learning events, conferences, pitch galas, incubation bootcamps and networking. 2000+ people have attended an seCatalyst event to date.

In Spring 2019, seCatalyst hosted 2 events: Social Venture Bootcamp and Connect Money Impact and received positive feedback:

As an investor, I left Connect Money Impact event so encouraged by the entrepreneurs (in attendance) and the diversity of their businesses.  I’ve already connected with a few and have plans to meet with them to provide more financial help, if I can.  -Matt Putra, VP of Finance, Chief Financial Officer of New Market Funds

Thanks to all partners who support the growth of social enterprise on Vancouver Island, and are partners in seCatalyst 2019: BDC, Buy Social, Camosun College, Coastal Community Credit Union, Community Futures Central Island, Community Microlending, Front Fundr, Futurepreneur Canada, ICET, League of Innovators, Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce, Rhiza Capital, Royal Roads University, Social Enterprise Ecosystem Project, Social Venture Institute, United Way of Greater Victoria, University of Victoria, Vancity Credit Union, Vancouver Island University


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Social Finance

There is a significant gap in the financing landscape for non-profit social enterprises. Social finance looks to fill that gap as well as find ways to make investments, funding and other financial instruments value both financial and social returns.

Here is how Scale is supporting the growth of social finance on Vancouver Island.

  1. Understand what is happening and the gaps that exist
  2. Explore how local social enterprises are financing their entrepreneurial activities 
  3. Showcase local social enterprises and provide resources to help them grow. 
  4. Learn and innovate with new financial instruments that integrate social and financial capital. We are excited to join RSF’s Integrated Capital program as a 2018/19 Fellow!

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The Dock: Coworking Space/ Centre for Social Impact

theDock Victoria is a social enterprise that fosters collaboration and innovation between segments in our community and beyond. At its heart it is a co-working space with members curated across sectors, that share an interest in social good. We foster informal connection, hosting events and making connections, with the aim of increasing the impact of our members through more efficient connection.

We offer more than just a desk. We offer a curated space full of like-minded community-builders, looking to collaborate and share expertise to enable each other’s projects and address community needs. We actively seek out groups and individuals from across sectors, and do our best to avoid collecting a group from any one paradigm. In short – our membership makes us unique, and the interactions they have are the fruit.

Learn more at