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We envision a strong non-profit and social enterprise sector on Vancouver Island and elsewhere. Our contributions to this vision include speaking, research, organizing events and convening/supporting cross sector collaborations.
Social Venture Bootcamp - IDEA 2018

Social Venture Bootcamp РIDEA was held to support and promote social innovation on Vancouver Island. This workshop-style event was designed to help local social entrepreneurs validate their social enterprise ideas and prepare to launch their venture.

The workshop included 24 participants involved with a variety of social venture ideas including edible landscaping, innovative childcare, allergy-free bakery and deli, career support for First Nations youth, an employment program for people with multiple barriers to employment, end of life support and services and many others!


SVB IDEA 2018 Summary
seCatalyst 2014-2016

seCatalyst 2014-2016 was a series of events to raise awareness of social enterprise and impact businesses on Vancouver Island. Scale Collaborative convened the network of 30+ partners to host events and support the growth of local social enterprises. More than $150K in cash and technical assistance was distributed to nine local social enterprises.

seCatalyst 2014 Report seCatalyst 2015 Report seCatalyst 2016 Report
Vancouver Island Social Innovation Zone

Vancouver Island Social Innovation Zone (VISIZ) was a research, mapping, planning and innovation initiative to strengthen the local social enterprise eco-system. The result of this initiative is a comprehensive Strategic Plan for Vancouver Island.

Scale continues to convene this initiative as it moves from planning to action, in partnership with a strong network of partners. In 2017, Scale is taking the lead in researching local social finance case studies, and supported research on social procurement opportunities for social enterprises.

VISIZ Community Engagement Report VISIZ Strategic Plan
Social Enterprise Incubator

Social Enterprise Incubator worked with 5 non-profit organizations over a 8 month time frame to develop, test and launch employment social enterprises. Participating enterprises included:

Social Procurement: Mapping Existing and Potential Opportunities for Social Enterprise on Vancouver Island

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