2020 Thriving Non Profits Applications Open!

It is very easy to fall into a silo when you are trying to fund your organization day to day and this cohort experience allows you to break away from that constraint and think more along a long-term horizon.” – Robert Bateman Foundation

Now entering its fifth year, Thriving Non-Profits is a cohort program for organizations looking to increase their financial sustainability and deepen their impact by developing a range of enterprising strategies:

  • Social Enterprise
  • Capital Grants
  • Corporate Partnerships
  • Fee for Service
  • Social Purpose Real Estate
  • Multi-Year Funding

Which combination is right for your organization?

Join 30 previous participating organizations in the movement to shift the community sector culture from scarcity to abundance, and from short-term projects to long-term outcomes. Many past participants have successfully implemented strategies developed by their organization during the program and maintain valuable connections with other leaders for ongoing support.

The program workshops in 2020 consist of two full-day sessions (January 21 and June 16) and four half-day afternoon sessions (February 18, March 10, April 14 and May 12). In order to be eligible to apply organizations must be located on South Vancouver Island and able to attend all six workshop days in person.

For more information about the program and how your organization can achieve greater impact and scale through financial diversification, learn more here.

“Where else do you find a 6 month program where you get this calibre of tools and connection with colleagues – it’s unheard of.”  – Power to Be