Non-profit AF

There is a significant shift underway in the non-profit sector—it has been brewing for a decade or more but the early adopters are now harvesting the fruits of their labour. However, these early adopters are few and far between. It is past time for new ways of operating and creating impact to become the ‘norm’ rather than exception to the rule.

In BC, non-profit organizations that have been successful have had to bootstrap themselves and their businesses into sustainable models—the type of investment and support enjoyed by more high-profile sectors is simply not available in the non-profit sector. Yet the expectation to operate in enterprising ways is there and growing.

This article highlights a key truth—that the non-for-profit sector and funders are intertwined, and that a shift in the not-for-profit sector towards greater sustainability and impact needs also to be matched with shifts and changes in funding, investment, tolerance for risk and reward for success. Read on!